2022 Awards Events Agreement

Emulating the popular panel pledge. The Awards Events Agreement aims to achieve gender equity visibly through gender balance in presenters at Awards nights.

Organisations – agree to sponsor an award for two consecutive years and provide gender balance in presenters over those years (for example a senior woman in 2022, a senior man in 2023)

Associations – commit to a 40:40:20 gender representation of presenters at awards nights. Advise organisations that you have entered the Awards Events Agreement and the organisations need to provide appropriate presenters.

Industry – attend awards nights hosted by associations, allow our industry to visibly demonstrate its commitment to gender equality by seeing gender balance on stage. If not, why not. Let us know on social media if you do not see gender balance.


  • Maintain one presenter for the award. The presenter will be a woman in one year, a man in one year.
  • Supporting an Award for two years, gives our associations increased productivity, as they do not need to seek sponsors for awards and can focus on giving our industry great recognition and celebration.
  • Ensure the seniority of the presenters. If you don’t have a senior woman who can present, this shows you may have bigger issues and gives you time to start addressing your talent pipeline.
  • Gender representation of 40:40:20 (40% women, 40% men and 20% undefined) is the standard that should be seen in every aspect of our industry: all levels, all speakers, all audiences, everywhere!