WGHA supports gender diversity targets of 40:40:20 for all levels in organisations. The board of the organisation should oversee the monitoring and progress of these targets.

40:40:20 allows organisations to pursue gender equitable outcomes for women, with flexibility in the leadership makeup of a range of 40% to 60% female. The 20% is viewed as open, it is the remaining from the candidate pool. It ensures we stay focused on advancing gender equity and not entering the gender identity debate.

40:40:20 is contemporary business practice, the target allows a range of 40 to 60% of male or female, based on the best people for the need, with the intention that 50:50 is the desired outcome 40:40:20 will deliver real benefits to gender equality it can be coupled with other initiatives like:

  • Constitutional requirement for chair and deputy chair to be gender balanced
  • 50/50 shortlists ‘if not why not’.

So you have adopted a gender representation target and not achieving it? What’s next. 

At the WGHA Australasian Gaming Expo Luncheon in 2019 we heard from Aristocrat Non Executive Director, Kathleen Conlon she stated “implement a rule whereby your next promotion is only available if you have two potential successors, one male and one female”. We have named this the Kathleen Conlon rule and it helps build the talent pipeline throughout the organisation and in turns help organisations meet gender representation targets.  

Another easy thing to implement is giving Stretch Assignments to Women. Women are often promoted on past experience, rather than potential. So, give women the chance to step outside of their day-to-day responsibilities and take on a challenging new task, project or role. This will help build the pipeline