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Survey Results


Annual Survey Summary Results The Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia annual industry survey 2021 provided insights into entry, retention and advancement of women in the industry. The report identify's gender barriers and the rate of change to becoming an inclusive industry.  Key findings: Women do not strategically enter the industry, it 'just happens' Less than half of the respondents believe they will reach their desired level of seniority within the industry. 56% have indicated they have considered leaving their current role, with key reason for females being lack of pathway to promotion. The survey indicates WGHA is important to the industry by: Being the Voice of the Industry on gender issues, Providing information and resources to the industry Advocating roles for women The report shows WGHA needs to obtain greater reach and representation throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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Q&A with Danielle Barnes


Q&A with Danielle Barnes Danielle Barnes General Manager, Springwood Sports Club How did you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position?  When I started in hospitality, I was not looking for a career. I had experience working in cafes and restaurants, and I loved being around people. I was looking for a role I enjoyed, that also allowed me enough flexibility to study at Uni. My start in Clubs was not actually inside the Club at all – as part of the promotions team, I was out on the road, at beaches and holiday parks, talking to locals and connecting with businesses. Over the next ten years, I dipped my feet into almost every department within the organisation – Catering, Beverage, Member Services, Gaming, Fitness & Aquatics, Operations and Marketing. In March this year, after a decade with Mingara Recreation Club, I accepted the role of General Manager at one of our sister clubs; Springwood Sports Club. What excites you most about working in the Gaming and Hospitality Industry? The gaming and hospitality industry is fast-paced and ever-changing. I love the role we play in our customers’ lives, and the [...]

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Q&A with Mandy Chen


Q&A with Mandy Chen  Name: Mandy Chen Current Position: Gaming Operations Supervisor How did you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position?  I first joined Treasury Brisbane in 2012 as a food and beverage attendant in Luke Nyguen’s Fat Noodle restaurant. I made the decision to transition to a career in gaming to build on the experience I gained in the restaurant and service industry. I had the opportunity to work as a Croupier at Treasury in 2013 and was promoted to a Higher Duties Dealer Dealer/Floor Manager just four years later, having developed strong technical skills and excellent guest service. Following that, I was promoted to my current position as a Gaming Operations Supervisor in 2019. There are no short cuts to developing a career in gaming and operations. It’s paramount to take opportunities when they arise and believe in yourself and your skills in order to achieve everything you set out to do. What do you consider to be the biggest achievement of your career, so far?  Since having joined the Gaming team at Treasury Brisbane, I have competed in the Croupier of the Year competition in 2017, 2018 and 2019. In [...]

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How to spend with a gender focus At WGHA we believe the organisations that make up our industry can utilise their purchasing power to advocate for change by adopting procurement principles that actively support gender equity. The United National Women’s Empowerment Principle number 5 states: Implement enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices that empower women Next month we will detail more information on marketing practices, our focus for now is why and how you should adopt gender smart procurement in your organisation. An important part of empowering women is via corporate procurement. Gender-smart procurement will allow female owned businesses greater opportunity to supply to our industry. It will encourage our industry suppliers to consider their own internal workforce and policies to ensure they are promoting gender equitable work practices and addressing gender imbalances. In today’s global economy, “less than one per cent of spending by large businesses on suppliers is earned by women-owned businesses” (UNWOMEN). The sheer size of and volume of corporate purchasing means that corporations have the potential to dramatically influence the way suppliers and supply chains operate. Why adopt Gender focused Procurement Policy? 1/3 of global businesses have female owners, they received 1% of corporate [...]




What is a mentor and how does it differ from sponsorship? A mentor is someone who serves as a guide for a defined period of time in your career journey. Mentors can be internal or external to your organisation, they assist by enabling you to see issues more clearly by asking thought provoking questions to work through workplace issues. A mentor can help you determine your strengths and what sets you apart. A mentee-mentor relationship is a two way street and both parties benefit from the process. A sponsor is usually internal to your organisation and use their network and influence to get you stretch assignments, project roles or exposure that lead to promotions. A sponsor highlights your achievements. To read more on sponsorship see our blog from last month. Why is mentoring good for career growth? Mentoring provides clarity on your strength and career goals. It allows an external, more senior person to guide you through current workplace issues and help see the bigger view of your career. The mentor acts as a sounding board with constructive feedback and encouragement. A recent survey indicated 56% of respondents have had a mentor and the majority (57%) of people experience [...]


Q&A with Kim Anderson


Q&A with Kim Anderson   How did you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position? In 1993 I was completing my final year of a Diploma in Primary Teaching. At the time, teaching roles were competitive, and I was about to be married. With a mortgage and an upcoming wedding, full-time employment was important. Crown Melbourne was opening a temporary Casino and had advertised for Croupiers in the Herald Sun. My father who was always fascinated by mathematics had seen an advertisement in the Herald Sun and suggested I apply. After a rigorous recruitment process, I was hired as a Craps Dealer. Becoming a part of the gaming industry I was fortunate enough to progress to a Higher Duties Dealer and obtain additional game training. In 1997, when Crown Melbourne commenced operations at the current Southbank site, I was promoted to Game Supervisor. From 1998 my journey of motherhood began. My children born in 1998 and 2001, respectively. My return to the business was in a part-time capacity. My passion for the industry and drive to progress in my career remained, despite limited opportunity and care giving responsibilities. In 2012 Crown [...]

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KMP Lacking


Falling Short of Women in Leadership The total number of female Key Management Personnel in Gaming & Hospitality has failed to reach 30%.    Helen Galloway, CEO of Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia says "we advocate for gender representation of 40:40:20, that is 40% female, 40% male and 20% undefined.”    The Gaming & Hospitality industry comprises 105 Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) reporting organisations in Australia combined they employ over 69,000 people.     “I am disappointed with the latest WGEA results which show only a 1.6% increase in female KMP from 25.1% to 26.7%, at this rate we will not reach a minimum of 40% until 2029." Ms Galloway said.    WGEA reported KMP average across all industries of Australia as 32.5%.     “This needs to be the pipeline for CEO’s and board roles, where again the industry lags behind the rest of Australia”     There were some notable laggards on gender equality, with 31 organisations having no females in their key management personnel structures.    Ms Galloway said  “WGHA are funding research to understand the barriers to entry, retention and advancement of women in the industry, to assist reach 40:40:20 sooner.”    WGHA need to hear from all industry participants, regardless of gender, to participate in the research visit www. wgha.org.au. “     WGHA is a not for profit organisation with [...]

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Q&A with Julie Irwin


How did you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position?   I originally started my career in Sydney in publishing at SRA then McGraw-Hill Book Company where I designed brochures and catalogues. From there I moved into a Finance support role then a Marketing role within Polaroid Australia. I had also completed study in the area of IT and was able to help support Polaroids team move into Microsoft Office products at the time. My husband was part of a teaching scholarship which took him to the Newcastle Region. It was there I began with Aristocrat and the Gaming Industry. With Newcastle being a regional office, I was fortunate enough to have exposure to all areas of the business including sales order management, inventory, installs and logistics which gave me a cross functional view of the company and the gaming industry. With that exposure and my ability to pick up on IT software application processes quickly I was seconded to train the sales team with the Configuration tool and CRM and from their enlisted to work on a Project to incorporate the Australian National Sales Support Function into one team which resulted [...]

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Sponsorship is active support by someone appropriately placed in the organisation who has significant influence on decision-making processes or structures. A sponsor is someone who can spot talent and is willing to advocate for, protect, and fight for the career advancement of an individual. The WGHA December 2020 survey indicated 67% of females had considered leaving their current role for another industry with the highest ranking reason “lack of opportunities and or no pathways to leadership.” This is where sponsorship can help break this cycle in your organisation and reduce this barrier that females face in career progression.  As an industry we need to address the challenge of female representation at senior levels by targeting the career advancement of women in general and advocating the progression of high performing women in particular. Your action: Senior member of any gender – sponsor a female Female employee – seek out a sponsor in your organisation Sponsorship has the potential to breakdown some of the barriers women face in the workplace and when done effectively, it can: Create career acceleration Help individuals meet the unique challenges of new higher level roles and alleviate the perceived risks associated with moving into new areas [...]


Gender Representation 40:40:20


WGHA supports gender diversity targets of 40:40:20 for all levels in organisations. The board of the organisation should oversee the monitoring and progress of these targets. 40:40:20 allows organisations to pursue gender equitable outcomes for women, with flexibility in the leadership makeup of a range of 40% to 60% female. The 20% is viewed as open, it is the remaining from the candidate pool. It ensures we stay focused on advancing gender equity and not entering the gender identity debate. 40:40:20 is contemporary business practice, the target allows a range of 40 to 60% of male or female, based on the best people for the need, with the intention that 50:50 is the desired outcome 40:40:20 will deliver real benefits to gender equality it can be coupled with other initiatives like: Constitutional requirement for chair and deputy chair to be gender balanced 50/50 shortlists ‘if not why not’. So you have adopted a gender representation target and not achieving it? What’s next.  At the WGHA Australasian Gaming Expo Luncheon in 2019 we heard from Aristocrat Non Executive Director, Kathleen Conlon she stated “implement a rule whereby your next promotion is only available if you have two potential successors, one male and one [...]

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