Q&A with Nadine Grinblat


How do you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position? I started in the industry when I was in the penultimate year of an arts/law degree and I certainly started at entry level.  My first role in the gaming industry was a casual Gaming Machine Attendant/Cashier at Crown Melbourne.  I had been working a variety of hospitality and other roles whilst studying and I was impressed by both the great conditions on offer and the flexibility offered by the shift work.  I actually knew little to nothing about the industry itself (or about gambling) when I took that first role and never imagined at the time that I would still be working in an industry role over two decades later.  Upon completing my studies I took a role in management with the Crown Gaming Machines Department and in subsequent years I worked in responsible gambling, including as Manager of Crown’s Responsible Gambling Support Centre.  I moved to my first role with the Australasian Gaming Council – an industry funded NFP that focuses on industry sustainability and responsible gambling – in 2008.  I found the role at the AGC through networks established [...]

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Q&A with Louize Glenn


How did you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position? The first beer I ever poured was at Eastlake Kaleen in 1990. It was an exciting experience accompanied by lively banter, new friendships and a position that was all care and no responsibility. This was my “second job” – something to increase my spending money and help me pay off a car loan. It certainly wasn’t a career choice. Fast forward a decade, three licensed clubs and add in some international hospitality experience and I secured a role with the industry peak body in Canberra, ClubsACT. I spent 14 years with this organisation including my last position as Policy Manager. This position included lobbying for legislative change, developing gambling harm initiatives and working with industry stakeholders to ensure we had a thriving club industry. A key aspect of my role was to bring industry along with any regulatory changes – as Canberra is one of the strictest gaming jurisdictions in Australia, this was sometimes a challenge. During my tenure at ClubsACT I was heavily involved in a wide variety of government committees including the gambling harm advisory committee, gambling industry consultative [...]

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Q&A with Anne-Maree Ross


Anne-Maree Ross Group Marketing and Business Development Manager Licensed Club Management – Club Kilsyth and Club Ringwood How did you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position? Like many school leavers, hospitality offered the flexibility to work nights and weekends around my university study. I commenced my employment at Club Kilsyth in 2003 as a waitress in our bistro, whilst studying a double degree in Art and Science. Over the following 2 years I worked across multiple areas including as a function host, working behind the bar and as a bistro team leader. In 2005 the Club was razed by a devastating fire and I found myself suddenly unemployed. Whilst the Club rebuilt, I completed my studies and in November 2006 when the time came for the Club to reopen, I jumped at any opportunity to re-join the crew and found myself as a full-time reception supervisor. I can still remember the opening day and the line of people going out the door to renew their membership! In August 2007, our licensee opened a second venue, Club Ringwood, and an opportunity arose for me to apply for a trainee management position. [...]

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Q&A with Lauren Milsop


How did you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position? I started my hospitality career as a waitress in Sydney 17 years ago while I was putting myself through Performing Arts College. At 22, I moved to London to continue with my performing arts career and whilst there I continued to work in restaurants, which is where my career blossomed. I worked my way up through the ranks quickly progressing from a waitress, head waitress, Assistant Restaurant Manager to Restaurant Manager, Assistant General Manager and finally to General Manager. After 7 years in London and establishing myself in the industry, I was head hunted to move to Hong Kong and work for a restaurant group that were planning to open up 7 restaurants. After 3 years in Hong Kong, successful openings and franchising the business to Jakarta I moved back home to Australia. I was offered the position of Business Development Manager at Crown Melbourne, developing labour efficiency models in order to reduce labour and other expenses. With 3 years in this role, I applied and was successful in obtaining the position of General Manager – Events and Conferences where I [...]

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Q&A with Wendy Li


How did you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position? In 2009, I joined the Finance team at SKYCITY Hamilton as the Performance Analyst. After two years in the role I took an opportunity that came up to continue my career in marketing when I became Loyalty Executive – Gaming in the Marketing team. In October 2013, I joined the Gaming Department as Loyalty Operations Manager and in August 2018, my role expanded to VIP & Loyalty Operations Manager with responsibility for Premier Rewards Operations and VIP Gaming. What excites you most about working in the gaming industry? Over the years I have developed a real passion for the casino industry, and all the areas I have worked in has given me a comprehensive understanding of the overall business. I also have a huge sense of enjoyment from working in this industry, and I learn and gain new experience every day! What excites me the most is the platform to create unforgettable customer experiences for each one of them. I enjoy entertaining and talking to customers and getting feedback from them. Hearing the positive comments of course is awesome, but I [...]

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Community Clubs Victoria joins Women in Gaming Australasia


Women in Gaming Australasia (WGA) is pleased to announce that Community Clubs Victoria (CCV) has joined as an affiliate partner. WGA is the only industry body in Australasia dedicated to empowering women working in, or looking to work in, the thriving and fast-paced gaming industry. WGA CEO, Helen Galloway, said the partnership with CCV will help to influence and impact equitable outcomes in our industry. “We are pleased to welcome CCV to our growing number of partners. CCV is an industry association representing the needs of Victorian community clubs. We look forward to working together to remove barriers and increase opportunities for the advancement of women in the gaming and hospitality industries.” CCV President, Leon Wiegard, said the industry association is committed to diversity and inclusion, and encouraged other organisations and associations to promote their commitment through a partnership with WGA. “CCV is thrilled to join WGA. We understand the value and importance of gender equity and inclusion. CCV’s vision is to be recognised as the trusted clubs’ advisor, a strong and consistent advocate supporting a healthy and sustainable club industry. Our commitment to gender equity forms part of this and we encourage other organisations to unite with WGA to create an inclusive industry for all.” CCV is a not-for-profit organisation, representing the needs of their members which range from small volunteer-based sporting clubs through to very large clubs with multi-million-dollar turnovers. [...]

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Q&A with Jess Mellor


What do you consider to be the biggest achievement of your career, so far? I’m definitely guilty of always looking forward and forgetting to celebrate the ‘wins’, but if I take the time to think about the past couple of years, I feel incredibly proud. My biggest achievement is taking on the role of CEO at Casino Canberra and returning the organisation to profit after years of sustained losses. As I was the first female to take on the role of CEO, I think it proved that diversity of thought can drive a more creative and innovative way of approaching business decisions, and ultimately in this case, improve financial performance. The greatest achievements can come from the most dire of crises, and in hindsight it was a risk. Women can rise to leadership, but when they’re brought in to turn things around during tough times, they also bear the blame if things don’t go well. So while they’ve managed to break through the glass ceiling, they’re then pushed off the glass cliff!   I think in some cases women need to  be circumspect about the reasons they are being presented with an opportunity, and the realistic likelihood of success. [Disclaimer: [...]

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Q&A with Clare Singleton


How did you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position? Believe it or not, it was a LinkedIn message and a phone call by a talented recruiter at Aristocrat that started my journey in the gaming industry. I’d never considered working in gaming and it wasn’t until I started doing my research that I realised it was time to dip my toes into the water and do something completely different. Side note – Queen of the Nile was the first game I ever played at the club when I turned 18, so choosing Aristocrat made a whole lot of sense! Once I found my feet at Aristocrat and had a good understanding of the industry, it was all upwards from there on in. I honestly believe I got to where I am today through hard work, passion and enthusiasm for communications, whilst always holding myself accountable to deliver to a high standard. Building relationships, taking on stretch opportunities, getting involved in industry projects – such as the establishment of WGA, has all helped carve out a wonderful career for me. I genuinely love getting up and going to work each day [...]

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Q&A with Marie Ann Breidi


How did you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position? I was a fresh-faced Arts student in Canberra with no direction for what I was going to do with an Arts degree. I completed three weeks unpaid training to become a casual blackjack dealer with some school friends, not only did I gain financial independence and moved out home, but the Casino provided a social life that was all encompassing as I became a creature of the night. Neighbours I’m sure wondered where my housemate and I went with a full face of makeup and a white pressed shirt at 7pm not to return until late the following morning. I came to Sydney to open Sydney Harbour Casino as a Game Supervisor in 1993- when welcoming new team members today, I gasp when I realise that I started in casinos last century!! I’ve stayed with the company throughout all our re- branding and expansion and during that time have had opportunities to supervise; back then at most four tables, which has now become up to 16; to recruit and train new dealers; to pit manage - a role that is now [...]

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Q&A with Sandy Thefs


How did you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position?  I think I’m one of the few graduates from my degree that actually ended up working in the Leisure Industry – I did a BA in Leisure Management (I missed out on Journalism and this was my next option). After university I worked in F&B until I saw an ad in the newspaper – the paper type that people read to find out what was going on in the world back in the 90’s – advertising all sorts of job vacancies at the New Treasury Casino that was opening in Brisbane. I had never stepped foot in a casino but had grown up reading Dad’s Ian Fleming, James Bond novels. What I didn’t know about casinos wasn’t worth knowing…  I was successful in my application for Croupier. There were some long months of working full time as a restaurant supervisor and learning to deal cards by night.  It was very exciting opening a brand new property – everyone was new; everyone sharing the same performance anxiety that comes with having to work out payouts with a full table of strangers watching [...]

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