Counteract Unconscious Bias through Interruption and Action.

Understanding how Implicit Bias plays out is crucial to the improvement of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.

It’s about bias interruption and action, with leaders creating a top down cultural shift to bring an awareness of bias out into the open. Everyone must feel comfortable to be able to speak up and challenge bias in the workplace.

While looking at the top down approach it’s important to recognise that only with the removal of implicit bias from the hiring process will any real movement take place for women to be appointed to the C suite and other Key Manager or Executive roles.

How to remove Implicit Bias from the hiring and promotion process ?

  • Insist on a Diverse pool of candidates.
  • Establish objective criteria.
  • Define ‘cultural fit’ – specific qualities are identified over shared background and interests.
  • Limit referral hiring – avoid the affinity bias.
  • Focus on performance not potential, separate personality from skillset.
  • Clarify the evaluation criteria with those hiring and ensure accountability.

The Gaming & Hospitality Industry is represented by 105 companies that report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) in Australia. (Companies with greater than 100 employees are mandated to report to the WGEA).

The 2020 data reveals:

  • Women as CEO’s represent 6.4% of positions.
  • Women as KMP’s represent 26.7% of positions.
  • Women as other Executives / General Managers represent 32.4% of positions.

These numbers are far from where they should be.

WGHA Gender Equity Statement –

Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia supports gender diversity targets. We believe targets should be set for all management levels of 40:40:20 gender representation (40% female, 40% male and 20% discretionary).We believe the board of the organisation should oversee the monitoring and progress of these targets.

As individuals we can all interrupt Implicit Bias by taking the following actions:

  • Know your biases – take the Implicit Bias Assessment.
  • Label stereotypes and call them out.
  • Slow down and make measured decisions over snap decisions which are often based on bias.
  • Examine assumptions that may be based on bias.
  • Leave your comfort zone and increase the diversity of your own network.

Remember , while it’s difficult to eliminate bias, it can be interrupted !

WGHA recommends the following resources to learn more about Unconscious or Implicit Bias:

The WGHA Tool on Unsconscious Bias can be found on the WGHA Website :

Implicit Bias Assessment: Link


LeanIn 50 ways – this provides excellent insights into Gender Bias for both individual and / or companies: Link