Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia have adopted the following positions on gender equity. We advocate for these positions and would like all organisations big or small to adopt the same positions.


Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia supports gender diversity targets. We believe targets should be set for all management levels of 40:40:20 gender representation (40% female, 40% male and 20% discretionary). We believe the board of the organisation should oversee the monitoring and progress of these targets.

WGHA believe this target statement allows organisations to pursue gender equitable outcomes for women, with flexibility in the leadership makeup of a range of 40% to 60% female. This allows longevity within the target and ensures the focus is maintained on the right outcomes.


We believe organisations should have diverse representation of genders on recruitment shortlists.

Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia believe organisations should set a target of at least 40% female representation.

At a minimum there is gender diversity on the shortlist. We believe the interview panel must have diverse gender representation. We encourage and support at least one person on the interview panel having undertaken unconscious bias training in the past 24 months. We believe organisations should promote and provide pathways to increase the number of women in management and leadership roles through targeted development and talent identification programs.


Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australia believes organisations should adopt procurement principles that actively support gender equity.

We believe our partners can utilise their purchasing power to advocate for change.

WGHA supports the use of supplier gender equity statements or requests in the procurement of goods. We encourage the adoption of this statement:

“This organisation is a member of Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia, we consider female representation at the Board level and senior management in the consideration of the suppliers we utilise. We expect our suppliers, where appropriate to have policies that address gender imbalances at all levels in their organisation.”

Marketing Material Audit

Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia believe organisations should review their marketing materials to ensure that gender stereotypes are not perpetuated and their marketing reflects their commitment to gender equity.

We encourage the adoption of this statement:

“This organisation is a supporter of Women in Gaming and Hospitality Australasia and supports the achievement of gender equity in our industry. We have conducted a review of our marketing materials to remove any gender stereotypical images and content and ensure that our marketing reflects our commitment to gender equitable outcomes . We encourage companies to conduct an audit of their marketing materials through a gender equity lens to ensure the same outcomes. For support or further resources visit www.wgha.org.au

Domestic Abuse

Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia is opposed to domestic abuse, in all forms. We advocate coercive control laws and regulations that hold perpetrators to account and criminalise the conduct. We believe raising community standards and awareness of domestic abuse is the responsiblity of everyone in society.

The term ‘coercive control’ describes harm to victims that is often non-violent yet psychological in nature and encapsulates a pattern of conduct ranging from acts of assault, threats, intimidation, and humiliation.

Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australaisa believe organisations should exceed current legislative requirements and provide support for employees that experience family and domestic abuse.

Suggested support can include paid special leave per year, flexible working arrangements, access to counselling and other referral services, including a dedicated domestic abuse support line through EAP/ Wellness provider and an assurance of confidentiality. We believe the best place for this information is in plain sight in Employee Code of Conduct manuals.

We suggest organisations to partner with protective services and dedicated organisations (for example www.matebystander.edu.au) for ongoing assistance, support and guidance.

Organisations can provide employees with access to information from utility providers and banks that provide further assistance such as free mail redirection and emergency cash.

Sexual Harassment

Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia has zero tolerance for sexual harassment in all workplaces. We recognise that sexual harassment is driven by gender inequality and is a form of gender based violence. We support all 55 recommendations in the Respect@Work Report 2020 published by the Australian Human Rights Commission. We support the work of the New Zealand Human Rights Commission on this topic.

The Respect@Work reported that hospitality has higher incidence of sexual harassment than other industries. We believe that primary prevention of violence against women in society more broadly will assist to address workplace sexual harassment. We believe our inudstry must stand up and demand change in society to the way our employees are beting treated by customers or other employees.