Q&A with David Christian

David Christian

Chief Operating Officer, SkyCity Australia

Why are you an advocate for gender equality in the gaming and hospitality industry?  
Increasing gender diversity across all levels of seniority in a business is proven to have a measurable positive impact on the bottom line of business, and we’re certainly seeing that at SkyCity. 
Having more women at the table helps more women get to the table, and this fuels growth, strengthens leadership values, and creates more sustainability not just within our organisation – but all organisations.  
Women are an important pillar in our community and our organisational make-up should reflect that. 
What have you done, personally, to support gender equality? 
When I commenced I made a decision to change the balance of our SkyCity Adelaide Senior Leadership Team from 9% to almost 40% female representation, and in my view our increased performance can be attributed to this shift in dynamics; improved decision making, respectful and open communication and debate, as well as making us more empathetic leaders. 
Do you have gender metrics you measure? What are they are when did you introduce them?  
SkyCity Group has been formally recognised for investing in technology that puts systems in place to ensure equal pay.  
The first step to bridging the gap is understanding the gap and then measuring it, so that you have a benchmark for improvement.  
As managers, we use a diversity dashboard that provides easy visibility to ensure we’re staying on top of targets, as well as supporting the development of our female talent pipeline by identifying strong candidates and ensuring unconscious bias is removed in recruitment and promotion processes. 
How are you planning to achieve gender representation and within what time frame? 
SkyCity Group’s gender composition is 50% female and 50% male, whilst SkyCity’s ‘Senior Executive’ gender composition is 45% female and 55% male. 
SkyCity was among the first 10 companies to sign up to 40:40 Vision, pledging to achieve a gender balance of 40% women, 40% men and 20% any gender across the executive leadership teams of all ASX200 companies by 2030.  
We have implemented gender neutral advertising and we ensure that there is gender balance in our interview panels wherever possible. 
SkyCity’s committed to the progression of gender diversity and proud to help drive this change to ensure that our processes are fair and strong performance is rewarded equally.