In partnership with Gaming Technologies Association, Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia is thrilled to offer the Spot On Program for Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) 2021. The program will offer speaker workshop and coaching to support women develop their presenation and influencing skills to present at AGE.

Females in the gaming, hospitality and gaming related industries that are connected to Australia and New Zealand are welcome to apply for the program. Applications must be available on 12th or 13th August 2021 in Sydney. 


About the SPOT On Program: 

Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia is committed to increasing the visibility of women at industry events. We constantly look for opportunities to support women in speaking and to support the industry in driving systemic changes to gender equity.

The program is designed to develop ongoing professional speaking skills that can be taken into any presentation situation. The program consists of four components:

  1. Foundations Workshop. A half day session with 12 participants delivered virtually on 9th or 10th June morning.
  2. Small group coaching. A 1 hour session with 3 participants, delivered virtually in late June/July.
  3. Individual coaching.  A 45 minute individual session, delivered virtually in mid-late July.
  4. SPOT On Presentation. Presenting their crafted speech of 6-7 minutes at AGE, Sydney on 12th or 13th August.

Program participants will learn how to:

  • Create a universal message that connects to your stakeholders
  • Have clarity on what makes a great message and how to craft one
  • Articulate your message, brand or value in a meaningful and engaging way
  • Consistently develop rapport formally and informally
  • Replicate this skill with any client facing staff

The SPOT On program is delivered by executive speaker coach, Jon Yeo. Jon is the licensee and curator of TEDxMelbourne, he is the National President of Professional Speakers Australia . Jon is passionate around “What does it take to create a visceral experience when you speak?” and “What if you could articulate the complex, simply and powerfully?”.

The foundations workshop is an intensive workshop where participants will actively design, develop and deliver a compelling pitch, presentation or conversation. Learn about the psychology of influence, the craft of speaking (tone, volume, speed, pitch, position and dynamic) and the mechanics of impact (slide, prop and body language use).

This will be where participants craft their SPOT On presentation for AGE 2021.

Following the Foundations Workshop. Program participants will have a 1 hour coaching session, in groups of 3. This allows further crafting of their AGE 2021 delivery.

Finally, program participants get a 45 minute individual coaching session with Jon Yeo. This will enable participants to fine tune their presentation prior to delivery on 12th August or 13th August at AGE.

Who should apply:

SPOT On  is designed for: 

Females in the Gaming, Hospitality or Gaming related industries, domiciled in Australia or New Zealand who are dedicated to advancing their professional speaking and influencing skills. Women who are committed to the industry, have an opportunity to showcase their expertise and knowledge.  

Inclusions & Obligations: 

The SPOT On program includes workshop and coaching fees, comprising a 1/2 day Foundation Speaker course (9th June), a 1 hour small group coach and a 45 minute individual coaching session – all delivered virtually.

Applicants must commit to the program including the half day workshop on 9th June. Applicants need to be committed to speak at AGE 2021 at ICC, Sydney on either 12th August or 13th August per direction by WGHA.
Successful applicants must provide communication (eg report, video, photo etc) to WGHA to promote their involvement in the SPOT On program. Successful applicants
will be required to speak at future Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia events. 

All other expenses and incidentals, including travel are to be covered by the particpants.

To Apply: 

To apply for the program, please answer a short questionaaire via our online portal.

Applications open 14th May and close on 2nd June 2021 (5pm AEST).

Applications are now open and being accepted.

Announcement of Recipients:

The program recipients will be contacted directly between 4th and 7th June. The recipients will be publicly announced in July WGHA newsletter or before by social media. Unsuccessful applications will be contacted by 15th June 2021. 

For any questions regarding the program, please contact