Your Views in December 2020

The objectives of the December survey were to:

  • understand the impact of COVID-19 on industry participants
  • obtain an understanding of barriers to retention and advancement in current environment
  • views on the industry action needed to support women in this industry
  • understand if gender representation or gender equality had stalled in the industry due to COVID-19

COVID-19 impact has impacted respondents in multiple ways:

  • 29% of respondents indicating they have looked to leave the industry due to industry uncertainty stemming from COVID-19
  • Women and Men increasing unpaid caring hours per week. Women do more unpaid caring than men. Aligning with other industry research that women do a ‘second shift’ at home.

Career Advancement 54% (of all respondents indicate career advancement has not been in line with their efforts. This view is shared between all genders, with females slightly more likely at 56% to respond this way than males 45%. 32% of women thought there was likelihood of getting a promotion in the next 2 years.

Retention The number 1 reason for women looking to leave their role was “Lack of opportunities for promotion and/or no pathway to leadership”

Top 3 views on Industry action to support women to enter, stay or thrive :

  1. Normalise flexible work (66%)
  2. Merit based career progression and opportunities (57%)
  3. Career Development and Leadership Programs (50%)

Thank you to all those who did our survey. 

Summary Results
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