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Step Forward Events

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Our Step Forward events provide a platform to raise awareness, provoke thought, drive change and develop your network within the gaming industry.

These events are designed to empower individuals to reach their full potential.

We encourage gender balance at our events. We welcome men to attend Step Forward alongside their women colleagues.

Rapid Advice Workshops

– On Hold

Imagine having all your questions answered and gaining expert advice from your industry’s high achievers. Rapid Advice is a series of short, focused career enabling conversations from mentors to those who wish to kick-start their leadership journey and save time.

These Q&A style conversations allow you to be a part of a small discussion group with access to one mentor for 15 minutes. Groups rotate until they have had conversations with all the high achievers.

This free program is offered to women on our distrbution list who would like to develop their careers, places are limited.